Le Petit Prince

“S’il vous plaît…dessine-moi un mouton”

The story of this famous literature book illustrated in a special box with 20 lithographs.

Size of the lithographs: 31 x 40 cm.

Signed in the plate





Antoine de St-Exupéry


Country : France

Most famous works of literature : L’Aviateur (1926), Courrier sud (1929), Vol de nuit (1931), Terre des hommes (1939), Pilot de Guerre (1942), Le Petit Prince (1943) Carnets.


Pilot during the 2nd World War, journalist and writer, his international reputation cames with his book “Le Petit Prince” , one of the most read book in the World. The illustrations in this book were all drawn by St-Exupéry and this 20 Lithographs represent exactly these illustrations with authorisation from Antoine de St-Exupéry Estate. A perfect gift for a child.

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